Deploying NetDocuments with Microsoft 365 and macOS

Deploying NetDocuments with Microsoft 365 and macOS


Deploying NetDocuments, involves several key technical steps to ensure a seamless integration into your organisation's existing systems. This guide is designed to walk you through the critical considerations for setting up NetDocuments, focusing on three primary aspects: integrating with Microsoft 365, configuring Single Sign-On (SSO), and deploying the required add-ins for both desktop and mobile environments when running macOS.

By following these steps, you will ensure a secure and efficient setup, allowing your team to leverage NetDocuments' robust document management capabilities without disrupting existing processes.

Microsoft Graph Configuration with ndMail

NetDocuments utilizes the Azure AD multi-tenant application feature to file emails when using ndMail. The configuration process involves first configuring the necessary settings in Azure AD using MS Graph API, followed by a quick setup in the NetDocuments Admin Console.

Follow the steps within the 'Microsoft Graph Configuration with ndMail' below:

Install M365 Outlook - Centralised Deployment

To install NetDocuments as a central deployment to all users follow the below steps:
  1. Sign in as Admin to
  2. Click the Admin button from the ribbon as pictured. e.g. mceclip0.png
  3. Navigate to the (Show All) >  Settings > Add-ins (or Integrated Apps) section from the left navigation panel
  4. Select the Upload Custom Apps button > Next.
  5. Copy this URL to the second URL based option. and select Next.
  6. Specify who the add-in is deployed to, and then select Deploy now > Finish wizard.
  7. The installed add-in appears in the list of add-ins in the Services and Add-ins.
  8. After finishing the wizard, the add-in should be available for selected users/groups after some period of time (it may take up to an hour or two, depending on the number of users). If the add-in remains unavailable, clear cache, sign in again or try it in another environment (for example, desktop). On mobile devices, force quitting the app and reopening it can get the add-in to appear sooner. If these steps do not work, please contact Microsoft Support.

Setup Single Sign On (SSO)

Follow the steps in the below article to setup single sign on using your Microsoft365 credentials:

Install ndClick

ndClick is a Mac app that enhances the NetDocuments experience of everyday activities, including creating, downloading, sharing, or opening a document or email, and other tasks. ndClick integrates web products with desktop environments and applications.

Follow the steps included within the below article:

Install ndSync (license required)

ndSync allows users to synchronise their documents between the NetDocuments cloud-based document management system and their local devices, such as desktop computers or laptops. With ndSync, users can work with their documents offline and automatically sync changes back to the NetDocuments cloud when they reconnect to the internet. This application is particularly useful for users who need to access and update documents while on the go or without consistent internet connectivity. Additionally, it provides a convenient way to manage files locally while ensuring that all updates are securely synchronised with the cloud, promoting seamless collaboration and maintaining document version control across multiple devices.

ndSync is an optional module as part of the NetDocuments platform. If your firm has licensed ndSync follow the steps below to deploy it to each user desktop:

Contacting NetDocuments Support

Futher information on using NetDocuments is available from the NetDocuments Support Site: 

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