How Do I Add A Client Address?

How Do I Add A Client Address?


Clients can have one or more Addresses associated with each record. This guide talks through the process of creating a new Address for an existing Client.

Create New Address

Step 1: Find Existing Client

Select Clients > All clients and locate your client either by selecting it from the table or using the Search function.

Click the Client code to open the client record.

Step 2: Select Addresses Tab

Select the Addresses tab and click the New address button.

Step 3: Enter Address Details

Enter in the following information to create a new address record:



Address 1

The first line of the address.

Address 2

The second line of the address.

Address 3

The third line of the address.


The city of the address.


The state / county of the address.

ZIP code

(also displays as Post code when using UK English)

The ZIP code of the address.


The country of the address.

Note - The country will automatically default to the default country associated with the user profile.


The primary flag will automatically be set for the first address created for each client. 

The primary address will be used when raising an invoice for the client.

Click the Submit button located in the bottom right hand corner of the form.

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