How Do I Create A Bank Account?

How Do I Create A Bank Account?


Bank accounts are used when issuing invoices, adding customer receipts and entering Trust (Client Account) transactions. By default, a bank account must be created before using these transaction types. 

If you encounter a message of the following when attempting to create a new transaction:

"Bank account can't be blank".

This indicates that you need to create a new bank account before proceeding.

The following are the required steps:

Create A Bank Account

Step 1: Select from one of the following menu items:

Setup > Invoices > Bank accounts


Setup > Trust > Bank accounts

Step 2: Create New Bank Account

Create a new Bank account by clicking on New bank account

Step 4: Enter Bank Account Details

Enter in the following information to create a new Bank account:




The country the bank account is held in


The name of the bank account

Bank name
The name of the banking institution

Account number

The bank account number

Sort code / Routing number

The sort code or routing number for the bank account


The International Bank Account Number (IBAN). (optional)


The Bank Identifier Code (BIC) or SWIFT code. (optional)

The currency of the bank account
Code field required for certain countries
Remittance text
Add any additional remittance information to be displayed on an invoice. 
Display only remittance text
Set to True if you wish to display only the text shown in the Remittance text field on the invoice


Select from one of the following options:

Regular = Operational account
Trust = Trust (or Client account)

Step 4: Submit

Click the Submit button located in the bottom right hand corner of the form.

The Bank accounts page will then be displayed on screen.

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