Updating Matters.Cloud for Microsoft Outlook

LawPay: Setting Up Your Integration


Integration with LawPay is available to users of Quickbooks Online, the details of this are available via the following link:
The following steps explain how to embed a LawPay link within the email template sent via Matters.Cloud.

Instructions - Embed LawPay Link Within Email Template

  1. In the LawPay web application, click Charge.
  2. For the account where you want to deposit payments click Actions > Show & Copy Page Link.
  3. Copy the link in the box that pops up.

Step 2: In Matters.Cloud, paste the link into your email template.

  1. In the Matters.Cloud application, click Setup > Invoices > Email templates
  2. Select the Email template you wish to change by clicking on the Type column.
  3. Paste the link into the relevant section within the Contents field.

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