What Type of Rates are Supported for Time Entry?

What Type of Rates are Supported for Time Entry?


Within Matters.Cloud, when logging time, you have the flexibility to assign specific rates based on various considerations. These rates adhere to a hierarchical structure, dictating which rate takes precedence in cases of conflicting rates. 

Rate Hierarchy

The rate hierarchy, ranked from lowest priority to highest, is as follows:
  1. User default rate
      User rates are the default rate that Matters.Cloud will apply to time entries when it is not overridden by a Matter or Client level rate.
  1. Client based rate
      Client rates over-ride User Rates and will automatically apply to time entries for the selected Client / User combination. Rates can be set       either for All users or for a Specific user.
  1. Matter based rate
      Matter rates over-ride both Client and User rates and will automatically apply to time entries for the selected Matter / User       combination. Rates can be set either for All users or for a Specific user.
  1. Activity based rate
      Activity rates over-ride MatterClient and User rates and will automatically apply to time entries when the associated Activity is selected.

  1. Time entry based rate
      Users can over-ride the assigned rate as part of entering a Time Entry.

Rate Setup

Click on Setup > Time > Rates to view, create or update rate types.

Rate Types

Firms can also configure multiple Rate types to cater for different types of legal work, or pre-agreed discounting arrangements. 

Consider a scenario where a firm establishes Rate types as Standard, Discount, and Premium, each associated with predefined rates. This setup enables firms to effortlessly allocate a Rate type to each matter, automatically inheriting the configured rates associated with that category.

Click on Setup > Time > Rate types to view, create or update rate types.

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