What Languages Does Matters.Cloud Support?

What Languages Does Matters.Cloud Support?


When selecting a practice management platform for your legal practice, language support can play a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication and usability for your team. Understanding which languages a platform supports is essential, especially for multilingual firms. This article explores the language options available in Matters.Cloud, helping you determine if the platform meets your linguistic needs.

In this guide, we'll outline the supported languages, providing insights into the platform's localization features and the implications for your practice. Whether you're looking for multilingual interface options, language-specific document templates, or outputting invoices in your preferred language, this article will offer you the information you need.

Let's begin by exploring the languages Matters.Cloud supports, along with some key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a platform with multilingual capabilities.

Supported Languages

The following languages are available:
  1. Chinese
  2. Croatian
  3. Czech
  4. Dutch
  5. English (United Kingdom)
  6. English (United States)
  7. French
  8. German
  9. Hindi
  10. Hungarian
  11. Italian
  12. Japanese
  13. Norwegian
  14. Polish
  15. Portuguese (Brazil)
  16. Portuguese (Portugal)
  17. Russian
  18. Serbian
  19. Spanish
  20. Ukrainian

Language Specific Configuration

When a user first creates an account on Matters.Cloud, the initial language selected plays a significant role in shaping the system's base configuration. This language choice influences the default settings for various application data, including matter types, time recording activity codes, expense codes, and other key elements.

As a result, the platform aligns itself with the user's preferred language from the start, ensuring a consistent experience. Furthermore, this default language setting applies to any additional users invited to the platform, streamlining the onboarding process. 

User Specific Language Settings

Matters.Cloud understands that legal teams often consist of professionals from diverse linguistic backgrounds. To accommodate these multilingual needs, the platform allows each user to set their preferred language in their personal user profile settings. This user-level configuration means that while the system may have a default language for the organization's core configuration, individuals can still personalize their interface to their language of choice.

By allowing this level of flexibility, Matters.Cloud ensures that each user has a tailored experience that enhances their productivity and comfort. Whether it's the language of the user interface, notifications, or system-generated documents, users can select a language that suits them best. This user-centric approach not only improves usability but also fosters a more inclusive work environment.

Dealing With Clients In Multiple Languages

Matters.Cloud caters to firms that correspond with clients in different languages by enabling each client to be allocated a preferred language. This feature determines the language used for key outputs such as invoices, credit notes, and associated emails, ensuring clear communication with clients in their native language.

Beyond just client correspondence, Matters.Cloud supports multi-language operations by allowing firms to maintain different sets of time recording and expense codes for each language.

This functionality allows firms to allocate specific language-based codes to a matter, ensuring that all information is captured in the client’s preferred language. As a result, firms can seamlessly manage a diverse client base while maintaining linguistic consistency across all aspects of client engagement and internal tracking.

Generating Documents In Multiple Languages

Microsoft Word templates are generally set up in a specific language, which can impact how documents are generated for clients in a multi-language environment. To accommodate this, Matters.Cloud allows firms to create document templates for each language they support. This feature enables legal professionals to select the appropriate template when generating new documents, ensuring that all client-facing materials are consistent with the client's preferred language.

Whether it's a contract, an engagement letter, or a legal notice, having the flexibility to choose language-specific templates streamlines document creation and helps maintain a professional appearance across multilingual interactions. With this capability, firms can offer a personalized and accurate experience, regardless of the language requirements of their diverse clientele.
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