FreeAgent: Setting Up Your Integration

FreeAgent: Setting Up Your Integration


The Matters.Cloud FreeAgent integration is available to all FreeAgent subscribers and allows users to:

  • Export Clients from Matters.Cloud to FreeAgent.
  • Export Matters from Matters.Cloud to FreeAgent.
  • Export Invoices & Credit Notes from Matters.Cloud to FreeAgent.
  • Import Receipts & Write offs from FreeAgent into Matters.Cloud.

Connecting Matters.Cloud with FreeAgent

Step 1: Access The Integrations Portal

The integrations portal allows you to configure integrations with common cloud-based platforms.

To access the portal simply select Setup > Integrations and locate the following tile:

Step 2: Connect To FreeAgent

Click the Connect button on the FreeAgent tile and the following form will be displayed:

Enter your Email address and Password for FreeAgent and click the Approve app! button.

The system will display a message asking you to Allow access as follows:

Click the Approve button.

The system will then return you to the Integrations Portal and display Connected on the FreeAgent tile as follows:

Setting Up Your Initial Data

Please refer to the following knowledge base article:

Contacting FreeAgent Support

Further information on using FreeAgent is available from the FreeAgent Support Site: 

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