How To Delete A Client

How To Delete A Client?


There may be occasions when you need to delete a client from Matters.Cloud, such as when duplicate client records exist. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to delete a client in Matters.Cloud.

Important Considerations

Before deleting a client, it is crucial to understand the implications:

  • Data Loss: Deleting a client will remove associated data, including billing information and comments. Ensure that this data is no longer needed or has been backed up if necessary.
  • Permissions: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to delete clients within Matters.Cloud. This task is typically restricted to administrators or users with appropriate access rights.
Steps to Delete a Client

Follow these steps to delete a client in Matters.Cloud:
  1. Log in to Matters.Cloud:

    • Access the Matters.Cloud platform by logging in with your user credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts Section:

    • From the main dashboard, locate and click on "Contacts" in the navigation menu.
  3. Search for the Client:

    • Use the search bar or scroll through the list to find the client you wish to delete. Click on the edit button to access their detailed profile..
  4. Select Delete Client:

    • Click the "Delete" button. A confirmation prompt will appear to ensure that you want to proceed with the deletion.
  5. Confirm Deletion:

    • Read the confirmation message carefully. If you are certain that you want to delete the client, click "Yes" to proceed. If not, click "No" to abort the process.
  6. Verification:

    • After confirming, the client and all associated data will be permanently deleted from Matters.Cloud. Verify that the client has been removed from the clients list.
Note: Deleting a client removes only their 'Client' details, and the underlying contact (either Organization or Person) will remain on the contacts list. If you wish to remove this also repeat the above steps with their contact record.

Pre-Deletion Checks

Before deleting a Client in Matters.Cloud, the system conducts a series of checks to ensure no  These checks help to prevent errors and ensure a smooth closing process. Here's a list of key verifications that Matters.Cloud makes before a client can be deleted:
  1. Matters: The system ensures there are no associated matters.
These checks ensure that the Client can be deleted. If any of these checks fail, you will need to address the issue before the Client can be deleted.

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