Sage: Setting Up Your Integration

Sage: Setting Up Your Integration

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The Matters.Cloud + Sage integration is available to all Sage subscribers and allows users to:

  • Export Clients from Matters.Cloud to Sage.
  • Export Invoices and Credit Notes from Matters.Cloud to Sage.
  • Import Receipts from Sage into Matters.Cloud

Connecting Matters.Cloud with Sage

Step 1: Access The Integrations Portal

The integrations portal allows you to configure integrations with common cloud-based platforms.

To access the portal simply select Setup > Integrations and locate the following tile:

Step 2: Connect To Sage

Click the Connect button on the Sage tile and the following form will be displayed:

Enter your Email address and Password for Sage and click the Log in button.

The system will display a message asking you to Allow access as follows:

Click the Allow Access button.

The system will then return you to the Integrations Portal and display Connected on the Sage tile as follows:

Step 3: Export Existing Clients

To get started using Sage it is recommended you export your existing clients by clicking the Export clients button on the Sage tile.

This will do the following:

  1. Create a new Contact within Sage for every client within Matters.Cloud
  2. Update Matters.Cloud so that any updates made to the Client going forward be published to Sage automatically.

Step 4: Configure Sage Accounts

Before you start publishing Invoices / Credit notes to Sage it is necessary to configure default Accounts for Fees and Expense line items with Sage.

From the Integrations page click the Settings button on the Sage tile.

Select a Sage Tax Type and click the Submit button.

Step 6: Export Existing Invoices (optional)

You can export existing Invoices from Matters.Cloud to Sage by clicking the Export invoices button on the Sage tile.

This will do the following:

  • Create a new Invoice within Sage for every Invoice within Matters.Cloud that is related to a Client that also exists within Sage.

  • Update Matters.Cloud so that any updates made to the Invoice going forward will be published to Sage automatically.

Note: If you have previously entered Invoices manually into Sage it is not recommended as it will create duplicate records within Sage.

Contacting Sage Support

Further information on using Sage is available from the Sage Support Site: 

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